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Homemade lebanese bread.  cereales con gluten



Taboule  cereales con gluten

Parsley, tomato, onion, wheat, lemon juice and olive oil.

Fattoush  cereales con gluten

Pita bread, tomato, onion, and olive oil.

Yogurt Salad

Yogurt salad, cucumber and olive oil.  lacteos

Salad with Salmon

Tettuce, tomatoes, smoked salmon.  pescado  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos



Labneh de Cabra  lacteos

Yogurt pate.

Moutabal Hommos  granos de sesamo

Chickpeas puree, sesame oil, garlic and olive oil.

Hommos Kawarmah (With meat)  frutos de cáscara  granos de sesamo

Chickpeas puree, ground meat, and pine nut.

Baba Ganouge (Moutabal Bietenjen)  granos de sesamo

Aubergine puree, sesame oil and olive oil.

Fatayer  cereales con gluten

Pastries filled with spinach.

Sambousek  cereales con gluten  lacteos

Cheese pastries.

Sfiha cereales con gluten

Meat pastries.

Falafel  apio  granos de sesamo

Chickpea patties with garlic and coriander.

Arais  cereales con gluten

Lebanese bread filled with meat and tomato.

Kellege  cereales con gluten  lacteos

Lebanese bread filled with cheese, tomato and natural mint.

Kebbe Naye  cereales con gluten

Natural ground meat, wheat, species with olive oil.

Kebbe Kras  cereales con gluten  apio  frutos de cáscara

Round of meat and wheat with onion and pine nuts.

Warak Inab  soja

Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, parsley, onion with olive oil.

Fried Aubergine (Fried Eggplant)  cereales con gluten  granos de sesamo

With lemon and sesame.

Fried Coliflower (Fried cauliflower)   granos de sesamo

With  sesame.


Cabbage stuffed with rice and meat with olive oil

Mousaka  cereales con gluten

Aubergine and chickpeas mousaka with garrison.

Papa  Harra

Potatoes, coriander and white pepper.



Roast Lamb (Jarouf Mehshi) (Lamb baked)   frutos de cáscara  apio  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos

Chunks of boneless lamb with rice in its sauce with rice.

Shish Kebab (Kafta Skewer)  frutos de cáscara  apio  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos

Kafta skewer, ground meat on its flavour with garrison.

Lamb Baked With Tomatoe Sauce (Kafta Baked)

Chunks of boneless lamb baked with tomatoe sauce with garrison.

Shish Taouk  mostaza  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos

Marinated chicken grilled on a skewer with garrison.

Shish File

Sirloin grilled on a skewer with garrison.

Assorted Skewer (Grilled kebab varied)  mostaza  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos

Sirloin grilled, chicken grilled and kebab grilled with garrison.

Baalbek  lacteos  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos

Sirloin grilled with mushrooms with garrison.

Anatolia  lacteos  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos

Sirloin grilled with pepper with garrison.

Sirloin Chawarma (Kebab) (Chawarma of sirloin)  granos de sesamo

Marinated sirloin cooked over a low heat with garrison.

Chicken Chawarma (Chawarma of chicken)  mostaza  dióxido de azufre y sulfitos  granos de sesamo

Marinated chicken cooked over a low heat  with garrison.

Sheij el Mehshi

Aubergine stuffed with meat and spices on tomato sauce with garrison.

cereales con gluten  Garrison has lebanese rice (with wheat noodles) containing Gluten.


 Legend Allergens (Food Information Act)



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