Baalbek, a city that owes its name to the sun god, was founded by the Canaanites and later settled by the Phoenicians.

Legends say that Adam lived there and who saw Abraham riding a horse of fire and disappear into the night. And what may have left more traces in our memories is the palace Solomon built for the love of Queen Sheba.

Sacked by the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Saracens and Tartars, ruined by war and susesivos earthquakes, its ruins is the imprint of a bygone grandeur that faith gives footprint that permeated the Roman emperors Augustus, Hadrian and Caracalla, in this city. Dedicated to Jupiter, Venus, and cone no, Bacchus (god of wine) monuments are manifestations of interest might prove to their faithful.

Grandezas to instil fear and inspire respect for the imperial power. But all these demonstrations of pagan worship come to an end with Christianity.

Nowadays the ancient Baalbek is declared World Heritage by UNESCO. This corner of Lebanon is today an archaeological area that attracts tourists who come here to admire its stones. Theater and music festivals in the summer gather the best artists in the world riding their shows, first as unbeatable as the columns of the Temple of Jupiter frame.

Studied by researchers hypothesized been puzzling because of their unknowns. Mysteries, such as forest limestone perfectly carved thousand tons, which required a joint effort of forty thousand men to be displaced, has led some to launch fanciful hypotheses that include the intervention of aliens.

 templo de jupiter

Temple of Jupiter - Baalbek- Lebanon



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